All Brand Building packages with Solsei Brands are a collaborative effort beween your team and ours to execute all goals within the established timeline. Requirements expected from your team will include but are not limited to the following; telephone strategy sessions, supply of professional photos, memberships/subscriptions to limited online services or products, supply of written or audio project-relevent information, and more. In order for us to work with you or your brand, you'll need to be commited to supplying the requested materials within a realistic and agreed upon timeframe. Continuous failure to do so may result in cancellation of the project with a calculated refund, not to exceed $2,500.


(4 to 6 Week Timeline)

Package begins at $3,500

Our Brand Identity Basics Package is perfect for any business or brand that needs to establish a strong foundation for maximum growth. It is suitable for start-ups with an available financial budget, or established brands that could benefit from a full re-brand.


Brand Strategy Call

Logo Design with Variations

Site Design w/ Copywriting & Client Portal for Updates

Social Profile Circle

Custom Social Platform Headers (Facebook & YouTube)

Logo Intro/Outro Video Reveal

Brand Style Guide

Tangible Business Upgrade

(Options: Business Card, Letterhead with Envelope, Flyer or Brochure Design, and Print)


(4 to 6 Week Timeline)

Package begins at $5,500

Our Digital Marketing Basics Package is perfect for established brands or start-ups who have completed the Brand Identity Package (or have an established brand identity with an available financial budget), who are looking to drastically enhance their visual online presence to position for maximum brand positioning.


○ Digital Marketing Strategy

○ Social Media Content Strategy & Design

○ Link in Bio Design & Set-Up with Physical Card, Bracelet or Apple Watch Band for In-Person Contact Sharing

○ 2 Merchandise Designs with Mockups

○ 3 Landing Page Designs

○ Livestream Overlay

○ Social Media Circle

○ 3 Promotional Graphic Videos (Vertical & Horizontal for Multi-Channel Posting)

○ 3 Promotional Social Media Graphics

○ 3 Social Media Image Template Designs

○ 1 Podcast Interview

○ 2 Industry Expertise Articles

○ Email Marketing Set-Up w/ Design

○ 5 Email Welcome Series Copywriting w/ Set-Up

○ 3 Social Ad Designs w/ Copywriting


(7 to 10 Week Timeline)

Package begins at $7,500

Our Industry Establishment Package is perfect for any established business or brand that could benefit from solidifying their expertise within their industry. This package will provide complete services from concept through launch of both an e-book and e-course that will establish additional forms of income for your brand or business.


○ Comprehensive E-Book/E-Course Strategy

○ E-Course Creation & Set-Up

○ E-Book Cover Design & Layout

○ 10 Promotional Social Media Graphics & Videos

○ 2 Landing Page Designs

○ 1 Podcast Interview

○ 5 Sales Email Series w/ Set-up & Design

○ 4 Social Media Ad Designs w/ Copywriting

○ 1 Professional Press Release with Digital Distribution


(6 to 8 Week Timeline)

Package begins at $10,000

Our Brand Marketing Flex Package is perfect for any established business or brand that can benefit from jolting their industry with a demand of attention. This package simutaneously garners attention while creating additional streams of income and introduction to fresh markets.


○ Brand Flex Strategy

○ 1 Mobile App Design & Distribution

○ 10 Merchandise Designs w/ Mockups & Minimally Professional Storefront

○ 3 Branded T-Shirts

○ 3 Branded Mugs

○ 3 Branded Tote Bags

○ 1 Membership Portal/Digital Subscription Site Design

○ 1 Digital Billboard Design & Weekend Placement

○ 1 Audio Ad Script & Production w/ 90 Days Placement

○ 10 Promotional Social Media Graphics & Videos

○ 1 Social Media Influencer Promotional Post (7+ Million Followers)

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